CED Exam Centre Annual Membership is £30 per child if you are using the centre to sit exams, £10 per family if you wish to use CED materials and topic support to prepare for exams in a subsequent year or if you are sitting the actual exams at another centre.

Full Cambridge Assessment International Examination Board fees are also payable if you are using the CED Exam centre.

(prices as of October 2022:

£71.05 per IGCSE or O Level; £142.10 per IGCSE Double Award; £86.80 per AS level or A2 component (except Global Perspectives); £123.60 per A level (except Global Perspectives).

In order to avoid extra expense, all parents entering children for exams at the CED Exam Centre are asked to be prepared to invigilate or ask a friend/family member to invigilate for exam sessions. Since parents are not allowed to invigilate for their own children this will involve additional trips to the exam centre. In planning the invigilation roster we take distance from the centre into account and also try to allocate invigilation sessions on days when you will already be at the centre for your own child’s exam where possible. Invigilators are also required to attend an invigilation training session held at the centre, or sometimes online on Zoom. You can nominate other family/friends to also go through the invigilation training to lighten the load for yourself. If you wish to do this then please inform the Invigilator Training Officer well in advance to ensure they receive all training required by Cambridge.

There is also a requirement to attend a minimum of one topic support session either in person or online. These topics always cover both Maths and English subject areas as well as other subject areas that we’re aware will be helpful to our members.

If you would like to use CED Exam Centre for your exams please email Jane Walkington on Jane will then be able to explain all membership options, forms and other details.